As the largest military tactical retialer in China, we are maintaining good relationship with numbers of tactical manufactures which are famous internationally.

These relationships made us became the exclusively distributor or largest dealer for lots of brands in mainland China.

We helped these brands opening the market in China, made them became the most familiar brands for the military fans in China.

Danner Inc. is standing on the peak of the global footwear industry, and it fused the high-tec material with the traditional classic design.

With the strictest selection of the raw material leathers and handcraft production technics, Danner became the pronoun of the top class footwear and is regarded as Rolls-Royce in the footwear industry.

It product line includes traditional outdoor, casual, Heritage classic, business, military, work and hunting.

Galco Internatonal Ltd. was found in 1969, it was the largest holster manufacture in the world and became the goverment issued equipment for lots of law enforcement personannel.

Galco was in favor with Hollywood movies, not only for its solid material, exquisite workmanship, excellent manufacturing technology but also for its novelty design.

Propper is one of the most famous military uniform manufacture in America.

In 1967, it starts to provide combat uniform for U.S. Military, and it became one of the major uniform supplier for Army and Law enforcement personnel in U.S today.

Traser H3 Watch is a military enterprise in Swiss, and it's one of the major professional watch manufacture in worldwide.

The H3 self-luminated technology invented by Traser has been extensively applied on watch industry and precision instruments.